July 31st, 2014
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Feb 3rd, 2014
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Jan 15th, 2014
The automatic evaluation results are out.

Jan 15th, 2014
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Jan 1st, 2014
The solutions are online.

Dec. 3, 2013
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Oct. 1, 2013
Details about the CASMI 2013 Special Issue and dates are now available!

Sept. 24, 2013
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Sept. 2, 2013
The CASMI 2013 Challenges have been officially released!

August 29, 2013
The challenges for CASMI2013 will be released on Monday, September 2nd!

Example data (and solution)

The Challenge

The example challenge data was measured on a Bruker micrOTOF-Q, with an expected <5ppm mass accuracy and 12000 resolution during routine measurements. The files were truncated around the retention time 319.5 sec, where the [M+H]+ of the unknown compound elutes during a 20 minute gradient on a Waters Acquity UPLC with acetonitrile/water. Another compound elutes at 323 sec.

MS1 peaklist
MS2 peaklist

The Solution

This example data was measured from Chelidonine. A very similar spectrum is available from MassBank as accession PB005903.

Use the submenus above to browse the solutions for Category 1 (formula) and Category 2 (structure).